Saturday, 2 June 2012

"Insatiable"short story about vampire(1)

"Sword of Destiny has two blades. One of it is you "by Andrzej Sapkowski We become to life when all the rest sacrifice their day,then we pay tribute the blood we need. Unlucky fate made me a vampire,my hunger will never be satisfy,eternal damnation thats my new life,as well eternal salvation.Beyonf of human limitations,beyond human fate and destiny I will never die,never grow older,I will not have children and I will never look at my old hands.I will only feel always blood desire,never insatiable. I remember my life before this unlucky day,I was 15 years old,before my life was ordinary. I grew up in a small Scottish village,my father had a pig farm.I remember when I used to open my window during heat summer days,I always could hear squeak of pigs with all stench we didnt even tried to fight.When the time came that my father had to slaughter any pig I run to the nearby forest,beside of the pond I climbed on one of trees and I watched all surroundings. I tried imagine that it is the place inhabited by elves who has their own kingdom under the ground and they leave it only in the night.I imagined them as they build their underground city and how they live there secretly hidden before the eyes of ordinary mortals. I also wanted to be one of them,lead their lives,to be somebody else,unique,hidden in darkness. My mother was a washerwoman,she traveled to the nearby town Stirling on bicycle,every day distant of 10 miles from our village.I remember she always came back muddy,clothes completeley wet,our terrain was full of puddles.My mother used to complain every time after she came back from town. My life was full of fun,easy,there was no obligation to go to school,my father gave me teaching by himself,mother taught me how to write and read,to me it went reluctantly but in these time was more important for man ensure the house,roof over the head than be proud of academic papers.The other thing create family,be strong,be able to catch a fly flying in the air,be efficient and smart,the other things werent so important at all... Soon next part....

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