Tuesday, 31 January 2012

"American Horror Story"2011

Tv series was well received by critics and its really good.Personally I was annoyed only by music themes which were used from different movies like "Dracule"Coppolla's and "What lies beneath" with Pfeiffer and Ford.Jessica Lange got a Golden Globe for this movie as a supporter actress.

"American Horror Story"2011

TV series which was broaded by TV station FX gained a huge popularity.Well-chosen cast as for example Dylan McDermott and Jessica Lange.The other factors of success are great music and atmosphere of movie and incredible story of haunted house.Harmon's family move in to a new place which is old-fashioned house which is called "a murdered house".Over many years many strange stories happened in this house which left a big trace in this place.Suddenly everything included Harmon's family is changing to digg out the real face on new place.

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Thursday, 12 January 2012

"Wrong turn"2003

When I have seen "The Hills Have Eyes," I was informed that there is similar movie like that about deformed cannibals . "Wrong turn" I have already seen earlier, and frany said it's ok, even good, but somehow "The Hills ..." I like for more (sic ) Well idea copied, but you can see and love(?)it

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Wednesday, 11 January 2012


I'll say like that, I saw this film mainly because of Sare Paxton, known to me from "The Last house on the left", the movie has got potential but is not maximum used .Unfortunately, a typical story about ghost.Here is a hotel, a few good years ago frustrated,young lady decided to kill herself when her lover left her.The ghost of this woman decided not to leave guests and haunt them.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

"The hills have eyes 2"(2007)

After success of the first part, very soon came time for the next edition of horror of cannibal mutants.In the same place again, but the team is already more in professional way a group of soldiers .They take the area of New Mexico as a place for their training.Slowly they understand that a place was not good choice.

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