Sunday, 17 February 2013

American horror story 2 Asylum-quick review

The best sides of these horror series is scenery,picture, tension and how director is playing with viewer and his nerves and also actors.Mainly Jessica Lange deserves for attention,she got Golden Globe for season 1 and  she has got really good achievements as an actress.Also in AH2 Asylum her play is amazing as a headmaster nun.

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American Horror Story 2 Asylum(2012)

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And its done,we already have watched the last part of that series horror movie.Was that better than last season?For sure different,instead of haunted house we got asylum,mental institution,instead of ghosts we got aliens,few actors from last season plus completely new faces like Joseph Fiennes, James Cromwell,Adam Levine from Maroon 5,Chloe Sevigny.Lots of stories,twists,action,drama,erotic in one series.Honestly worth watching but not everybody will like that.
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